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How to Use the X-Y List?


Step: Use the X-Y List

Required Resources

Free Auto Clicker 4.1.6 or later
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    Free Auto Clicker allows you to record one or multiple clicks. It provides a list of mouse clicks in sequence, where you can use the coordinate calculator to record multiple specific points and then hit Start to click them in order.

Step. Use the X-Y List

    Move the mouse cursor to the place where you would like the program to click, and press the Spacebar so that the X & Y coordinates will be displayed in X & Y boxes. You can add multiple specific click points to X-Y List. The counter will count the points you recorded. If needed, press Delete on the keyboard to clear the list. By "Save" you can output the list as an FAC file. Next time you need the same actions performed, just click "Load" to open the FAC file.

Use the X-Y List


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